Saturday, 19 July 2008

Gothic arches- Cats

This is my entry for the gothic arches theme this week. Gothic arches and Dans la maison are my favourite challenges due to the fact that I love the shape of these mini pieces of art so once I have enough pieces I intend to use them as a border in a scrapbooking page - Should be colourful if nothing else and at the rate of no more than 1 a week might be a while yet!

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Dans ma maison il ya - du rose

I'm still in encaustic wax mode but scrimping as usual!! Normally my attempts to save money by using photocopies or poor copy home printed images in my scrapbooking don't work but I still experiment with cheaper options. Rather than use expensive encaustic waxes I had read that crayons can work so I have used these on this maison. ( I used candles the other day- what a mess!!- these definitely do not work and all I had was a greasy mess to clean up!!

Crayons do not give me the lovely texture which can be manipulated as with encaustic waxes but have been used here for the pink background are ok for this type of artwork.