Sunday, 28 September 2008

Gothic Arches - Tribute Arch

My freestyle arch is a tribute to Paul Newman who sadly died this week. Although he was twice my age at his time of death I remember having a picture of him in my purse (along with that of Tony Curtis) when I was young. He defined the meaning of handsome.
I chose a blue background as his eyes were such a piercing blue.
One of the things that I most admired was his loyalty to his wife, quite rare in Hollywood. Apparently when questioned about this he said " Why have hamburger when you have steak at home".

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Dans Ma Maison Challenge - Vintage

The photo from yesterdays newspaper feat. Grace Kelly was published just in time to incorporate into my vintage collage. Her classic beauty is timeless and she would still be considered gorgeous today!

The background uses distress inks, a vintage themed rubber stamp and the tulips are courtesy of Xyron Design Runner!

Monday, 22 September 2008

Gothic Arches Challenge - Favourite movie

I don't know where you all get the time from! I had resolved to try to do at least two challenges a week but as you can see this is my 1st since mid July. I was never great at resolutions! Still I love looking at everyones else entries but my apologies - I don't always have the time to comment as they are all so great!

My favourite challenges are definitely the arches and maisons so here is this weeks entry. I just love watching this film with my daughter - so romantic!!